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My name is Paul. I am a front-end developer with a passion for solving problems.

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Cracking the Code Interview - IsUnique

Date Posted: 2020-01-24

A nice warmup to understanding algorithms in JavaScript by solving Cracking the Code Interview's question 1.1 isUnique.

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The next best time is now

Date Posted: 2020-01-22

Procrastination and imposter theory are real things. It's so easy to convince yourself you aren't ready for something. But these are simply excuses. The best time to have started something was yesterday. The next best time is now.

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My first stack

Date Posted: 2020-01-15

For a long time i've wanted to learn data structures and algorithms. I decided with the new year it was finally time to get started. After all the best time to start something was yesterday. The next best time is today.

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Updating Bootcamp project for npm security updates

Date Posted: 2020-01-14

Each time I visit my GitHub account page I find myself bemused by the number of security PR requests I see on my old bootcamp projects. A year ago many of these projects seemed almost impossible if not insurmountable. Now a year forward most seem fairly straightforward that I probably could crunch out in a weekend.

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Using caution with aria-selected and role="tab"

Date Posted: 2019-12-06

As a front end developer one my weak areas is a11y. I was working a bug today at work involving an implementation that utilized tabs. Per my coworker in order for the feature to work I needed to utilize aria-selected and aria-controls.

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